Spring is in the air

March 31, 2014 // rants

Warm weather is finally here. The squids are out in full force burning up their crotch rockets at 20,000 RPM shooting down residential roads at 100 mph. I respect fellow riders but if I can hear you in my basement 5 miles away, you are being an idiot. I’ve got kids and cringe whenever these morons rocket down a little cross road by my house. If they want to kill themselves, that’s their choice but don’t put others at risk.┬áThat’s the end of my rant. Now to go enjoy an afternoon ride on the back roads where no crotch rocket dare venture.

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I'm a geek who loves adventure bikes. Just getting started riding in my mid-30's, I decided to document my progress for others who are on the same path or have always thought about joining the ADV world.

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