Frozen Face

November 12, 2013 // gear, rants

To determine my own personal limits for lowest riding temperature, I’ve continued bringing the motorcycle to work. I was a bit surprised by how quickly people wuss out around here. Anything below 50 F and the motorcycle traffic drops to nearly nothing. Fair weather riders indeed! This morning the thermometer read 24 F so this is the lowest temperature so far I’ve ridden in since getting my bike.

I’ve got thermal lined riding gear which kept me mostly toasty. The only thing I have yet to figure out is how to keep my eyes, cheeks (facial) and nose warm. Maybe my Fly Trekker helmet just isn’t designed for cold weather? I’ve got a chin curtain on it and I wear a neck gator around the neck and a wool Buff around the head but my face feels the chill. I’ve still got a lot of airflow in the helmet even with all of the vents closed. Maybe it’s the seal around the face shield. I don’t know but I’ve got to figure something out so my eyeballs don’t freeze out when it gets truly cold.

So if any fellow cold weather riders have a suggestion, I’m open to hearing them! My helmet has a tight fit and even with the thin Buff over my head, I can feel the fit difference. So whatever solution I come up with needs to be very thin so my helmet still fits.

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