First Highway Ride

October 6, 2013 // rides

Headed out to SantFe Lake today with my buddy James.  A 20-30mph cross wind made for a slightly terrifying experience for the first highway speed ride! I instinctively tried to fight the wind but remember my Jedi training and decided to relax and let the bike go with it. Was buffeted around the lane a bit but never felt like there was any loss of control.

We did about 20 miles at 55 mph with the north cross wind. We both agreed that if one had to fight that wind for anything over a couple of hours, you would be both exhausted and deaf. Ear protection is going to be must in this Kansas wind!

Had a great time despite the wind. James let me try out his brand new 2013 Triumph Tiger 800 XC. I should NOT have taken him up on the offer. I am now in love with the smoothness of that 3 cylinder engine. I could not believe the difference between his Tiger and my 650 Aprilia thumper. It’s like butter! So smooth you don’t even register the gear changes or quick speed build up. A lovely piece of engineering that I plan to some day own myself. One of my favorite features was the gear indicator. For a n00b like me, being able to see what gear I am would be a handy feature!

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