I’ve determine the perfect motorcycle hard cases for my needs simply don’t exist. For the last few weeks I’ve been drawing up some different designs in an attempt to solve this dilemma. The time has come to to see if other ADV riders are as desperate for affordable yet durable hard cases as I am. Please comment below if you are looking for a better hard case solution.

Spring is in the air

March 31, 2014 // rants

Warm weather is finally here. The squids are out in full force burning up their crotch rockets at 20,000 RPM shooting down residential roads at 100 mph. I respect fellow riders but if I can hear you in my basement 5 miles away, you are being an idiot. I’ve got kids and cringe whenever these morons rocket down a little cross road by my house. If they want to kill themselves, that’s their choice but don’t put others at risk. That’s the end of my rant. Now to go enjoy an afternoon ride on the back roads where no crotch rocket dare venture.

Frozen Face

November 12, 2013 // gear, rants

To determine my own personal limits for lowest riding temperature, I’ve continued bringing the motorcycle to work. I was a bit surprised by how quickly people wuss out around here. Anything below 50 F and the motorcycle traffic drops to nearly nothing. Fair weather riders indeed! This morning the thermometer read 24 F so this is the lowest temperature so far I’ve ridden in since getting my bike. Continue reading →

Gear Hauling Options

October 14, 2013 // gear

Kitting out a bike to haul long journey gear can quickly snowball in price (cough, Touratech, cough). I must admit that a fully decked out 1200GS does have a certain air of awesomeness to it but logic and budget dictates the reality of my personal options. Soft luggage options are much more affordable and seem to make more sense on a 650 sized bike like mine. In my research, I ran across this great blog post from Overland Tech and Travel.

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New Front Tire

October 9, 2013 // gadgets, maintenance, reviews

My bike is 13 years old and so was the front tire. It only had 4k miles on it but time and weather had begun rotting the rubber. I noticed cracks in it from the day I bought it so I never rode too hard until I could get it replaced. In hindsight, I probably should have changed it before riding at all but excitement of finally have a motorcycle overshadowed that. Continue reading →

My bike is down with a flat tire so over my lunch break, I decided to plot a weekend jaunt. In doing so, I discovered that Google Maps thinks it knows best and will not allow you to take roads it does not deem appropriate (dirt). A quick search led me to a post by marlboroughlad. By clicking the walking or cycling option, Google will give you a more appropriate route for your adventure bike! Interstate free. Woot!

First Highway Ride

October 6, 2013 // rides

Headed out to SantFe Lake today with my buddy James.  A 20-30mph cross wind made for a slightly terrifying experience for the first highway speed ride! I instinctively tried to fight the wind but remember my Jedi training and decided to relax and let the bike go with it. Was buffeted around the lane a bit but never felt like there was any loss of control. Continue reading →